5 High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure or hypertension, it is usually surrounded and packed with a large number of dangerous aspects. Here you can come to know about the important and crucial high blood pressure symptoms.

Moreover, it is observed that nearly one-third of people are unaware of the fact that they have high blood pressure. You need to go for regular checkups to keep your blood pressure maintained.

Besides, high BP gives you a severe headache, fatigue or confusion as well as vision problems, chest pain and difficulty breathing time. Further details of these symptoms are written below;

Blood Pressure Symptoms

1- Blood Spots In the Eyes

Most importantly, high BP brings blood spots in your eyes. This condition is often called a subconjunctival haemorrhage. This symptom is extensively common among those people who are the patients of diabetes.

You get floaters in your eyes. Thus, untreated high blood pressure bring this symptom.

2- Dizziness

On the other hand, dizziness is one of the commonly seen symptoms related to high BP problem. It can also be marked as a side effect if you are using any blood pressure medications.

Avoid ignoring this symptom at any cost. If the onset comes out to be sudden, it means your BP is shooting up.

Hence, sudden dizziness, loss of balance as well as the loss of coordination are the common warning signs and symptoms of this condition.

3- Facial Flushing

Moving to facial blushing symptom, it occurs when your blood vessels present in the face dilate. Such a condition can happen unpredictably. And it can also get triggered and activated in response to sun exposure, cold weather or by eating spicy foods.

Most noteworthy, your blood pressure starts to shoot up when you get emotional stress or prolonged exposure to heat or be it hot water exposure.

All these activities trigger and raise blood pressure temporarily.

4- Headache

It is observed by experts that headache is one of the noticeable symptoms of high blood pressure. No doubt, high BP can cause headaches. It negatively affect your blood-brain barrier.

Moreover, the swelling process further place and put up an extreme pressure on your brain. All in all, headache, dizziness and nausea, confusion and also experiencing weakness, seizures, and too blurred vision- they are the primary symptoms of this condition.

5- Shortness of Breath

Lastly, shortness of breath and high blood pressure are directly related to each other. It is this high blood pressure which eventually causes your heart muscle to thicken.

This condition brings less space for the oxygen-rich blood to get easily flow into the chamber or ventricle. Hence, this situation causes shortness of breath and you face high BP.


So, what’s the bottom line? Make sure to see the doctor as soon as possible the minute you start to notice these high BP symptoms in your body. Avoid involving yourself in a hypertensive crisis before it lead and result in a heart attack or stroke.

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