The Travellers Guiding Star

The Travellers Guiding Star

The ultimate reason for coming to the cramming of the baggage space and counting a lot of extra money at baggage charge is due to a lot of reasons. Let’s be a Sherlock Holmes and try to find the reasons. Whenever you decide if going anywhere immediately suggestions start pouring about what and what not to carry with you. Some of them are researched by yourself by referring to different books and websites. After that suggestions come pouring in from all the friends and relatives who have visited the place. And trying to count in all the advice you have taken you to create a load instead of a baggage.

The Travellers Guiding Star

Packing like a pro get a hang of the basic travelling accessories that will help you out in any tricky situation yet you do not have to carry out the luggage like a pitifully overburdened soul.

  • Document Organizer: Trust me, these can come as lifesavers in a foreign The document organizer helps in keeping your documents, like the passports handy and safe. It also helps keep your documents carefully. For beginners, you can buy these document organizers from online purchase sites.
  • Lifestraw: A device that can purify 1000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water. Is there any more need to justify as to why this item should be in our “must pack” accessory list. An ideal item on the list of hikers and backpackers which gives the freedom to go to any place where water is scarce or purified drinking water is not available.
  • Doppler: Instead of tugging and pulling your strollers on paved roads, waterproof backpacks have become a more viable option to travel. Previously it was a myth that backpacks are only required for trekking, but since long the myth has been busted and many awesome and cost-efficient backpacks are being sold by luggage manufacturing companies to help travel anywhere.
  • Cube Bags: These are complete Saviours to the people who don’t have the mind to remove 1/3rd of what they had decided for packing. Fold all the clothes in the prim and proper manner in the cubes and arrange them in the bag. You yourself will be surprised at the space you have actually managed. Cubes are also found in different varieties and materials in popular online sites.
  • Leak-Proof Travel Bottles: Forget the clothes getting dirty due to shampoo leak. Fill in these leak-proof squeezable bottles with your brand of shampoo or conditioners. The product comes in four different colors and is pre-labeled so as to avoid confusion.

Packing for a tour involves a lot of planning, calculation, recommendations from friends and family who have already visited the place. And the tragedy begins when you reach your destination you find that the leaked shampoo has mercilessly ruined your favorite holiday shirt or that you had forgotten to bring a very important medicine, and that the nearest pharmacy is quite a few kilometers away from the hotel. Leave all the blues behind, plan and pack like a pro.

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